Kindred, Quick Changes I Would Like to See

First off, I love changes to Kindred that makes her feel less forced to be a jungler and can just play in the duo-lane like the other marksmen. To go off the changes made. I would rather see a higher base attack speed than more bonus attack speed, at least this way she benefits from building attack speed items better and feels like she actually has to build for her damage rather than have it given in stats. Examples: 0.625 --> 0.677 or 0.684 or 0.690 You can remove the bonus attack speed on Q cast if choosing the highest base attack speed. The other change should be stabilize her attack range to one set value. Example: 500/575/600/625/etc --> 575 units all the time at the start of the game These are the short term changes you can do to make them feel better and less snowbally and less useless when not snowballed, making them more consistent from game to game. **** Long term I want to see the duo-marksman aspect properly utilized and feel like Wolf is actually a part of the Kindred. Passive - Wolf's Frenzy is moved here, is always active, and Lamb's and Wolf's attacks deal half damage (when working together equates to full damage). Lamb does physical damage and Wolf does magical damage, Lamb also does % current health damage and Mark of the Kindred becomes simply obtained by kills and assists from champions and epic monsters granting more % damage, Wolf does % missing health damage which increases with Marks of the Kindred obtained. The % damages both will also scale with ability power because it does not make sense to not give them a ratio (this can be implemented now). ~ Wolf's Frenzy range matches Lamb's base attack range, so Wolf can only attack within Lamb's threat radius, it moves with Lamb. Q - Dance of Arrows be mostly the same with a slight change to how to acquire the reduced cooldown, perhaps the arrows mark struck enemies for x seconds and if Wolf attacks at least one of the targets then the cooldown is lowered to the shorter cooldown. W + E - reworked to implement Lamb and Wolf working together in some fashion to maximize the abilities, one of the abilities has to be entirely new since Wolf's Frenzy is the new passive. R - What I like about the ultimate is playing as a marksman that can heal allies. I would rather have a significantly lower cooldown just for the ability to heal my team more often, may seem 'bland', but that is fine because I like the team play aspect the most. If you want to add more gameplay to it, then while in the zone, Lamb's and Wolf's attacks (or just Wolf's) against enemy champions and epic monsters will empower the heal, up to a cap. After X second or upon reactivation heals all allies and yourself that are standing on the blessed ground. (To clarify, the damage immunity and heal immunity and all targets healing would be removed, it just would heal instead on a significantly shorter cooldown.) ~ Also add an ability power ratio at the very least, having no ratio spells just seems awkward and the purpose of ABILITY power is to make ABILITIES more POWERFUL and allow them to scale and balance the ability out by not giving it ridiculous base values and still be relevant late game since the ability power boosts its power (by giving supports more gold, you can have mage supports re-balanced so their damage spells, shields, and heals have greater AP ratios and lesser base values to tune them better). **** # **RUNDOWN:** Short Term: Increased and stabilized attack range. More base attack speed rather than more bonus attack speed. Long Term: Make Kindred's duo-marksman fantasy more apparent.
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