@Riot Resetting all purchases was an annoying mistake.

I understand the testing you want done on the new stupid DOTA 2 copy loot system, but seriously resetting EVERYONE'S PBE accounts to test it... really? Why not cherry pick or have an open sign up on these boards for the people that actually want/wanted to test this new "feature" instead of wasting EVERY SINGLE PBE account owners time to purchase things they want to test. Let alone if they can't afford to purchase anything anymore because we only got 1 stipend of RP/IP. I suggest granting every account the same amount of RP/IP that you begin with on the PBE so we can buy back all the stuff that we are supposed to test. Since you know, you so graciously wasted the PBE player bases time. I swear sometimes you guys just don't think things through. # #endsaltyrant
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