quinn rework

Hello everyone ! its been 2 years after the rework of quinn and in my option because in my real account i main quinn quinn after rework its been the MOST uselles marksman and fighter i have ever seen first if you try to roam on a lane you will be free kill you got no protect from skills q dosnt miss any more ulti is uselles q cant crit any more and you cant join teamfights also got no counterplay any more i have losed vs jax vayne and all champions who loses vs old quinn also if you said me to play quinn lethality i have tried this and 1 ninja tabi destroyed my damage yeah maybe for you quinn lethality is op because no1 of enemys take armor and no tanks i have see in a video quinn montage lethality and doing crazy damage but no1 got ninja tabi i have played as i said before quinn lethality and armor destroyed me and you cant counter tanks like that .i mean that quinn is no fun to play any more and uselles and cant do something in all roles yeah maybe for you is fun to play when enemys are low level than and got no armor but i have proof to my self how weak quinn is after the rework. you just can see how uselles is right now? you just play agaisnt stupid enemys deal with it
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