Frostblade Irelia - Latest PBE Update 3/23

I wanted to voice my opinions on the latest changes to Irelia's reworked skins. I know I'll probably be downvoted for having the unpopular opinion here but I'd like to give my reasoning for it anyways. Hopefully we could have a constructive debate here. I personally really hate the blue hair it makes the skin look very boring and monochromatic. The hair has no contrast with the intricate hair pin making it's design disappear and create a single shape. Also losing that fur on her back gives her a more slender and frail silhouette which reminds me a lot of Elementalist Lux frost form or some other spell caster, there isn't much to differentiate them. It doesn't give me the feeling of that strong confident thick armored girl Irelia is. In my opinion I feel like the first iteration of the skin felt the best, most balanced and most creative. but I guess enough people didn't feel this way and had to demand changes to make the skin look more generic. Sidenote: Please don't touch my aviator the rework is perfect!! Last iteration made such nice diagonals with her weapon! Yes it is more realistic that the hair falls down like that but since when Irelia's hair or this entire game has been about being realistic??? realism is boring pump up the fantasy! Take some creative liberty! The hair looks like a limp noodle now... EDIT: Ok, so after seeing other people's comments and suggestions I made a few adjustments to the skin to be a sort of a middle ground between the first skin iteration and the current one. I like the gradient of the hair from purple to blue it also fits with the rest of the armor gradients. Please let me know what you think! EDIT#2: Following on some other people suggestions it seems like many people are really upset frostblade irelia's design direction was changed so much so I decided to create a version that embodies the original design: I decided to give another try for the weapon design to make it look more streamlined and clean. I think I like this version the best.
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