alternative solution to the garen Q buff

i see what youre doing here with this set of changes. youre buffing garens base damage to improve his non attack speed and classic ad/cdr/health builds {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3053}} instead of the newer {{item:3078}} {{item:3046}} builds. increasing garens base damage as part of this is a good idea to improve his beefier build routes. however im still surprised youre buffing his q instead of tweaking his spin. you could accomplish the same goal by nerfing the attack speed scaling on judgement down to 1 spin per 30% and increasing the number of base spins on judgement to 8 from 7. this isnt far off from something that riot axes originally planned to do during the rework process if im not mistaken. that way garen would go back to naturally scale up to 10 spins without additional attack speed from items, when he now only gets to 9 spins. this change would be an extremely tiny nerf to the attack speed build that would be almost power neutral, since an additional spin is added back in anyways. but his classic tankier build pathes would benefit from the extra spin especially since the rework increased the armor shred threshold on judgement from 4 spins to 7 on an enemy champion. it would just be a small base damage buff. not larger than the q buff youre planning anyways. so why not do this instead of buffing the q?
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