A feature you need to "add" in the game settings

I am talking here about the quick cast with ui indicator. I personally always use it, only disadvantage is that it's slightly slower than normal quick cast. In the game settings, you can chose to make some abilities quick cast and others not, however you can not make soma abilities normal quick cast and others with ui indicator, only normal cast. Now that with the new client we are able to change the game settings from the client, could you please make the quickcast with ui indicator Something different rather than having it REPLACE the quick cast? When I say that the it's slower, I mean that with quick cast, the spell is casted when you press a key, however with ui indicator, the spell starts when you release the key (wich is intended of course, it's the whole point of it) however, this tends to make executing fast combos more sloppy than for others, and right now the only way to have the ui indicator for some abilities but quick cast for others would be using normal cast for th ui indicator wich is even slower.... Please change this riot :)
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