Dawnbringer karma is a huge downgrade from announced version

Dawnbringer Karma's first announcement picture vs current in game version have huge changes. Personally i was super hyped about it but seeing the current verions killed it all. Here is the in game version [link](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQNCBFjngsHq7PaQUmv8PWjNnviXTmfwYUR-0VwN8aKbD8rVm3k) Almost no golden features, back floating stuff has different angle and coılors, even her skin color is changed, eyes not glowing, has a tiara thingy that looks like unplucked eyebrows. Announced version appears with back piece. Well when you press R; she becomes the announced picture untill she uses any empowered ability, however... Karma does not stay in that form long enough. In-game you just press and cast your skills immediately for the majority of the time. That whole greatness is almost a fraction of a second to see and enjoy, and we are left with %99 of the gameplay with this knockoff, pink version of karma that looks like conqueror karma.. Pls riot, your announced version should be the baseline, you can add all crazy stuff on top of it, or, you can make her stay in her Mantra version form longer, like when you cast R, she stays in the mantra'd version until the mantra'd effect whether it is Q,W,E ends. Personally I'd like the first solution better to have it baseline all the time.
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