FTF: Reduce RNG

Hey I'm part of the problem of overpopulating the PBE server right now, since I looked forward to TFT and the ping doesn't really matter that much. tl:dr at the end. Wanted to give a little bit of feedback of why I probably wouldn't play TFT for long though, if it was released close to as it is now. And I'm not talking about some Draven's just smashing anyone or pure strength options (but seriously draven & Knights are haunting me). What I have most problem with is, RNG, especially Items. If someone is having 3 level 2 champions and 2 items, Guinsoos & Bloodthirster for example, in the first PVP round, I just want to ragequit. It seriously demotivates me sooo much, if people have that much luck in the beginning. Of cause you can come back from that, but it's just a mental thing that really rubs me the wrong way. I wouldn't mind if it was a frequent thing, if it's reasonable to see it. But if it happens 1/1000 games, then it's just not fun. Which goes to the next tep for me: Items in generall. A more normalized droprate for items, so that people don't end up with 5 items after the first 3 round and others with 0. Or make pve rounds drops a different currency than gold that allows you to purchase items, instead of relying on drops. Also, I love that you can "pick" an item if you're on the losing side and the stronger players need to take what's left. But sometimes I'd wish, that you could change switch the items, without having to sell the champion for it. It shouldn't be free, but maybe for some gold or another currency from pve or that stacks over time, allow them to take from a champ without losing it. Some items also feel a lot stronger than others, but I'm sure that's something to be looked into. Last thing, there's nothing worse than waiting 10 turns for the last champ to upgrade yours to 3*. Then reroll 25 times and destroy your whole eco without getting it. Maybe add a way, to purchase a champ at a far steeper price (3-5 times or so) or based on the round played. Just something to get you out of this frusttration, if you already have 2/ 2* +2 of a champ and are desperate for the upgrade. It would also make the game less RNG based and therefore, in my opinion, more interesting. Otherwise I'd probably only end up playing it every couple of days / weeks when I played normal / ranked games and want to have a chill ending to the session, the spot where now I'm playing arams. Tl:dr: Less RNG, smaller spread in item drops between players, better choice in getting your items, moving items from champs and some way to purchase the last champion you need for an upgrade for a vastly increased price.
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