Feedback about Wukong's VFX change

Hello, firstly I want to say that overall it's an improvement over Wukong's previous spell effects on default and most of his skins, the new cloud is debatable but it's not like the previous one looked amazing either, both the new Q and W look crisp on almost all the skins. -I'm not a fan of his new R, as it feels like you just recolored Lancer Stratus Wukong's R for all the other skins, which is not a skin that I like, on the other hand, I believe the new R on Underworld Wukong is much better, as the previous one had a weird looking secondary spin underneath. As such I suggest you keep Wukong's current ''rune'' VFX underneath his R on Volcanic, General and Jade Dragon, while retaining the new ult on both Underworld and Radiant, which is to say, Volcanic, General and Jade Dragon would still have the new Lancer Stratus like ult, but they would also have glowing runes underneath the whirlwind. -I appreciate both Volcanic and Jade Dragon's new hand VFX as they previously weren't as impactful (given that they looked like cheap textures) -Both Underword Wukong and Radiant Wukong suffered a considerable downgrade As seen in the link above Underworld Wukong used to have a very noticeable ghastly trail on his staff, which would become even more noticeable when he used his Q, while the rest of the spell effects look better (again, the cloud is controversial on all skins), the Q feels like it was a needless downgrade for the sake of ''clarity''. I don't think that has to be the case considering that the previous Q was much more noticeable, and it's not like it matters anyways because as an empower AA, the enemy doesn't really have to ''react'' to it as well as if it were some other type of spell, making it so that this is a neutral change towards his enemies and a downgrade for the player himself. Regarding Radiant Wukong, his Q had some of the fire effects removed on the staff (namely the halos around the edges of the staff are no longer set ablaze when he activates the skill), leading me to a similar complaint to Underworld Wukong's Q. At any rate, it was an overall well done update and I like that Riot is doing this for the older champions.

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