New Color Control and Screen Shake Options

Hello! A few new options will be showing up in your options menu on PBE soon, shipping with 9.17 if all goes well. These options can all be found under ‘Video’. The options: * Enable Screen Shake (defaults to on) Turning this off will remove the screen shake caused by, for example, Pulsefire Ezreal's recall or Ornn's ultimate. * Color Level, Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast (all of these are sliders) These options control the overall appearance of the game except for the UI, allowing you to either diminish or highlight visual differences in game quickly. These options are pretty standard fare in many games and should all work similarly to what you're used to. **Why** Options like this often get overlooked in many games, but for many players who need them they can be vital to making their gaming experience comfortable or even *possible*. We're interested in adding more options like this in the future if these first few improve folks' game experiences in the way we're expecting. Please try these new settings out in your PBE games, let us know what you think, and what other options we should explore!
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