Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12

Hello friends! I’m Lowbo, a designer on the Gameplay Systems team, and I’m here to talk to you about some changes to Fighter items coming to PBE, intended for release in 8.12. Our goal with these changes is to give fighters some tools they can use to carry in a wider variety of game states than they can on live. Currently, a fed fighter is generally restricted to carrying via splitpushing and skirmishing, and most fall off by the lategame. Even when they can, the path to success for some is to build pretty tanky, even if ahead. That may be effective, but isn’t the experience many players of those champs are looking for. Some changes that should help out Fighters are already on PBE and are shipping in 8.11: Changes to Last Whisper and its upgrades, Blade of the Ruined King, Bloodthirster, Maw of Malmortius, and Guardian Angel. These changes are supplementary to the 8.11 changes. We have some new items, and some changes to existing items: Spear of Shojin This item is intended to help champions that build a lot of AD rather than defensive items survive in the middle of teamfights. A lot of champions are capable of bursting one enemy, but the often sacrifice their life to do so. This item will offer survivability in that scenario, enabling them to escape or begin attacking the next target. The range for activation is pretty small, so we’re not expecting this item to be good for most Marksmen. This icon is temporary - new one coming soon! Atma's Reckoning A familiar face, in a different form. Heavier fighters are generally forced to stop scaling their offense to build survivability. This item will help them remain a big threat throughout the whole game, trading off some survivability to do so. Enjoy my designer art icon for now, a new icon is coming soon. Sterak's Gage 50% Base AD >>> 50% Base AD as Bonus AD The way Sterak’s Gage is currently built, it’s either balanced on Triforce champions and weak on everyone else, or balanced on most champions but overpowered on Triforce champs. Breaking this synergy allows Sterak’s to become a situational item for a much wider variety of champions. Next, some changes to the Hydra items. Fighter builds are some of the most expensive in the game, and the Hydra items are a big part of that. Due to Fighters’ traditional lack of scaling, they have had to have extreme spikes on two items. Now that we are giving them some better lategame tools, shouldn’t spike as hard - and we can take steps to address the pain point of having to build such expensive items. Ravenous Hydra Total Cost: 3500 >>> 3250 Build Path: Tiamat + Vamp Scepter + Pickaxe + 525g >>> Tiamat + Vamp Scepter + Long Sword + 800g AD: 80 >>> 70 Titanic Hydra Total Cost: 3500 >>> 3250 Build Path: Tiamat + Jaurim’s Fist + Ruby Crystal + 700g >>> Tiamat + Giant’s Belt + 1050g AD: 40 >>> 30 That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and happy playtesting! Questions, comments, and concerns are much appreciated, and I’ll be doing as much as I can to be in the thread today and chat.
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