Ivern changes feedback

Ivern now has ranged AA even out of the bushes. This is amazing for us, Ivern mains, specialy for the sup ones which can poke and proc sup item easier at early levels. Altough i found two little problems this caused, that may be not that little. 1- He can't pass through walls now, as Q make the alied (or himself) get into the AA champ range, and as he's not melee anymore, he stops before the wall. This change a lot of his mechanics, as he need to travel his jungle more times to charge and then catch the jungle camps. 2- He can't slow the enemy so easy as it was, the same problem with the Q range before the shield explodes. The shield range do not cover the AA range, so enemies can escape way much easier. I'd like to know more about the Ivern players (there is anyone? xD) but my sugestion would be something like his shield get a little bigger range when que aplies and aproach with Q. And obviously, still pass trough walls when catching monsters with Q too.

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