Riot Games. Plz bring more Ressources to the PBE.

The EXTREME Interest in TFT was to be expected. Even on "Short Notice" the Hype for it was just so high. The Day before TFT Que was not a Problem at all. After Launch the Que exploded. The Amount of players went probably up by like a few Hundred Thousand if not Millions. (May sound much but given the Time in the Que. Atleast a few Hundred thousand should feel legit here) I mean yea. PBE wasn't made with the intent of having SO many Players. But still releasing a Game Mode with this much Hype was a damn back fire right now. The Mode itself is very good. But the Login Que is just "Over 9000". It would have been probably wiser to test it on "Live" Servers so "More" players can test it with less Server strain. If it ended up causing game breaking bugs or anything like. It would have been easy to just remove it and look into it. And Re-Open it and give it another run. Ofc only if the Servers arent in "danger". Best Option would be to just take PBE down, allocate more ressources for smoother Que and Server Performance and put it back up. I'm sure most people will rather take a day or 2 off for that treatment. Atleast I would.

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