Pyke skin.

**_Hello dear League of Legends staff._** **_I'm here today to give you my opinion about the thematic in Pyke's skin_** **_Looking at his lore, he was a pirate before right, but was betrayed but some of his comerades and died in the sea.. Now, like a living dead, he's looking for revenge._** **_For me, the sand thematic in his skin doesn't fit Pyke quite well, and it doesn't resemble his lore too.. _** **_Here are my options of what can possibly be a good thematic for his skin, according to his lore and habilities:_** * Revenant. * Executioner. **_Why revenant: because a revenant is like a guy that returned from the death, similar to Pyke.. only difference is that Pyke seeks revenge, but he can be some kind of revenant in my opinion_** **_Why executioner: according to his lore he won't stop killing the guys who betrayed him until he clear his list.. So it can be a good option for the thematic of his skin.. and it has some kind of connection with his ulti too.. I don't know, for me it can be an excellent thematic that resembles his lore and his habilities much more than a sand thematic.._** **_Again, this is only my opinion, but I think Pyke could've looked much better and his lore could've been resembled a little better with some of this thematics I gave you for his skin.. I think you should take this into account_** _**Thank you so much for your time.. Summoner: ARG Reaper**_

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