Transcendence nerf went too far (ARURF)

Nerfing Transcendence to give only 0.5 adaptive force per 1% of CDR is going too far, the rune becomes entirely obsolete at that point. I suggest making it 1 adaptive force per 1% CDR, so it's not as broken as it was before, but still a viable choice. Now, I'm aware that doing this would, in turn, make Absolute Focus an unreasonable choice. But considering how high the amount of poke flying around in urf is, there is barely any incentive to take absolute focus anyway. So, to make it viable as well, I think buffing Absolute Focus by reducing the deactivation threshold to 60 or 50% of max health and/or buffing the adaptive force gained to 4 per level would be a reasonable way to add a more substantial reward for the risk that is taken (losing the stats upon taking too much damage)

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