Coach on Clash Mode

Hi! I'm BadPiriPiri, i really liked the ideia of clash, but i would like to be the coach of my team. If we had a member that could only be coach (that member couldn't play on that team). I think this would be a very good addition to clash, it would add more "competitive" feeling while playing, maybe it wouldn't be needed to have a coach to play on clash (to not make it obnoxious). I would learn a lot about league coaching people, because i would watch a live game where we can learn a lot, i would have to search and learn more about the game/champions, i would get better at match-ups and at picks and bans. To remove the ability to buy "Professional/Booster" coaching, when a coach was removed/leaved the team, the team could not "hire" a coach for 30 days. As in game, it would be like spectator, but with vision and information only of your team, you could only see information about the enemy when seen (like it works in game". Thank you!

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