Math of Archangel's Passive Awe Change

I did some calculations on Arch's Awe Change. **The top "row" is Un-Nerfed Arch and the bottom "row" is Nerfed Arch.** I used the average mana at lvl 1 of all champions, and the average level 18 mana of all champions (not as specific as just "all mages" but still very close (you can change to a champions's specific mana if you want)) **It's best if you just look at the spreadsheet but here are some of the most interesting things:** - Stacked arch loses between 750 - 1074 (lvl 1 - lvl 18) Gold value based on AP lost from Awe Change. - You lose 5 AP (109 golds worth) from going Lich from the change - You lose 6 - 8 AP (Roa stack based) (131 - 174 golds worth) from going ROA after the change - Stacked Arch is already 97% Gold Efficient (w/o it's Active or AWE Passive) if mana is valued at 75% of what Sapphire Crystal prices it as (Riot balances around a lower gold value that Sapphire Crystal is priced at) - Stacked Arch is 112% Gold Efficient (w/o it's Active or AWE Passive) if you believe Sapphire Crystal doesn't make mana look over priced. (Note that completed items are naturally worth more gold for their cost then component items and therefor Sapphire Crystal can stay 350 gold and not be over priced but it can still lead to a higher gold value of mana then it really is worth.) I hope this helps with peoples outlook of the change since I have seen people in discord say its gutted. And Maybe this can help Riot as well. Spreadsheet Links (you can make a copy for your own use, to edit some stuff): Google Drive Copy: Xlsx Copy: Image of the spreadsheet:
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