Blitz mode tuning suggestions

-Guardian Angel buff is brutal op on 5 people for 90s on this gamemode -Shield seems pretty okay but could use a bit of tuning down -The blitz hooks and player cannon are cool, more of those pls! -The jungle isn’t actually that dangerous, soloing seems possible though not efficient on good waveclear champs like Kayn, Vi maybe, etc. Maybe tune it to be a LITTLE tougher but otherwise cool. I like that killing the big wolf seems to kill all the small ones too. -Ganking botlane is awful. Maybe make a secret path along the back wall, maybe throw a healthpack in the hole so it benefits the botlane players themselves a little to compensate for the buff to jungle effectiveness. Idk. Its odd that midlane can see the blue get started, making it highly contested by all unlike Red which i feel is slightly stronger buff-wise. Thats fine though, just interesting -Overall, snowballing is crazy high, but if you can stretch it to 19mins and Sudden Death comeback chance is WAY high. Maybe tune it down a little -The walking Nexus’ need to be stun immune to prevent weird shit, they should meet in the river/middle -Also, slow them down a smidge. They’re a bit too **f a s t** Thats all! -AA
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