Champion Select filtering, sorting, and favoriting now enabled on PBE!

Hey guys! We just activated some new features in champ select to help you decide what to play. Notably, we're testing a handful of changes and we hope you'll give us some feedback!   ****   **FILTER BY POSITION** _We're replacing role filters (Assassin, Tank, Mage, etc.) with position filters (Top, Mid, Jungle, etc.)_ We think we can do a better job of helping you narrow down your choices when you're playing an off-position and our existing role filters don't serve that need very well. Position filters can help you find commonly-picked champions for whatever you're playing. * Displays a variety of champions for each position based on **data from the previous patch** * Every champion is in at least one filter * New champions will show up the patch after they're released We chose to use patch data to help us populate the filters because we want to avoid the data getting stale or players feeling like we're deciding what should be played where. **SORT BY MASTERY** _Sort champions by highest to lowest champion mastery points_ You can find your mains more easily when you sort by mastery. We're not showing things like current mastery level or tokens earned for now, but we may consider these in the future. This should still help you narrow down what you want to play to get the best match-up or synergy with your team. **FAVORITES** _Right-click champions to add as favorite by position and find them quickly in champ select_ You can **sort by favorites** to have them bubble up to the top of the grid and they work with the new position filters. If you play Diana at Jungle and Mid, add her as a favorite for both positions. Then, whenever you're filtering by mid champions, she'll show up - even if she isn't one of the suggested champs from the last patch. **HEXTECH CHEST FILTER** _See champions you haven't earned a Hextech chest with in non-ranked queues_ Now you should be able to easily find champions to play to earn those sweet Hextech chests. Since temptation is a leading cause of lost LP, we only show you this filter in non-ranked queues that are eligible for chests.   ****   We'd love your feedback on any issues you find while you're testing out the feature, and we'll see you on the Rift!
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