Feedback & Discussion - Changes to emotes coming to PBE in patch 8.12

Hey everyone! While we love emotes, we’ve been working on a couple of ways to make them better. We’re gonna try these features out on PBE with patch 8.12. **New: Emote Bubbles** One of the problems with emotes right now is that they’re mostly used to communicate with your lane opponent. Emote Bubbles show each teammate’s emotes, whether or not their champ is on your screen. We hope that this will encourage more within-team expression, like high-fiving your Top lane for that First Blood all the way from bot. You can disable Emote Bubbles in Settings if you don’t want to see them. **New Auto-Fire Slots: First Blood and Ace** It can be hard to remember to use emotes, especially during a fight. So we’re adding two new auto-fire slots (which we tested during the April Fools event, for those who noticed!) for First Blood and Ace, so you can show ‘em how you feel without having to think. If you have other ideas for new auto-fire slots, we’d love to hear them in the comments! **Emote Collection Tab Updates** We’ve added some basic quality of life updates to the Emotes Collection tab. We’ve got more changes planned, but for 8.12 we’re making these core adjustments: You can now view emotes that you don’t have and directly purchase them from your collection You can now sort emotes alphabetically or by the order in which your acquired them New Emote Sounds All emotes will have sound effects attached to them for a little extra oomph. **Mystery Emote Token** In 8.12, we’ll be selling the Mystery Emote Token that was previously available in event loot bundles on its own. This new Emote Token will randomly award an unowned emote and will be periodically available in the store to purchase. The Mystery Emote Token can also drop previous event emotes that are no longer available for regular purchase! **Emotes Sale Schedule** Emotes will now be a part of the regular skin sale cadence. Expect to see emotes older than 6 months on sale for deep discounts regularly! We look at all the feedback we can find, so please let us know what you think of these changes to Emotes while they’re on PBE! Pabro
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