Golden Spatula Club and ARURF

Because of Golden Spatula Club, people will have more chances to get a strong champion. And where is the random? I spend 2 points for re-roll and for the next game I have again 2 (or 1, I do not remember exactly). If you buy a "pass" is not because of the skins, then because of 1 extra point for sure. Pay to win? If earlier people played on what they want, now they have to pay **to increase the chances of taking an imbalance champion**. Roughly speaking, nothing is almost the same URF, only now it is “paid”. Then go ahead and make the same pass for ARAM with 1 additional re-roll each game. They will buy it anyway, because it is not fair to other players. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} No, you do not get me wrong, I like URF and ARURF (how about the fact that champions are selected from the entire list, in not only from "bought"?). Yes, it decides everything with random, but now donate will be included in random. Now the outcome of the game can be found in 90% of cases, if one of the teams has an imbalance champion. I see such games through one. Therefore... and perhaps it is worth **adding bans to ARURF**? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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