Leblanc's Passive Delay...

I actually find that Leblanc's old passive, with the 0.5 second delay and the clone that didn't move automatically was trickier. People come to expect the clone not to move, and are thus deceived when a good Leblanc player plans in advance to control the clone instantly during the half-second she goes poof. The biggest issue with the 0.5 second window passive was that it was difficult to both stop the real Leblanc from moving while also alt-clicking to control the clone to move. Human reaction time is on average ~250ms, so that means Leblanc mains have ~250ms to both stop themselves and alt-click to move the clone. With a full second, that window is increased to 750ms, and it's a bit excessive. I think if the window were adjusted to about 0.65 seconds, that'd be enough time for mains of the champion to intentionally make use of the passive - non-mains would find it difficult to do so, and wouldn't get a freebie on the passive by "accidentally" fooling opponents with an automatically moving clone and full second of stealth. Also, I think Leblanc would benefit further from *excessive* squishiness and lack of a W delay. She doesn't have to stay in a fight for long to score a kill with this kit, so making her super duper easy to kill when she's not played well would make her both scarier and fairer to play against (somehow, it works out). This is especially true in League of Skillshots, where Leblanc's W can function as a dodge and gap closer/burst ability at the same time. Contrast this with old League, which was far more punishing on Leblanc and "cared" much less about the dash portion of W because of all the point-and-clicks.

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