Viktor buffs and why the current ones didnt solve anything and my ideas for changes.

First the recent buffs. The R buff was nice but having his ult up more wont let us hit it more. The damage was fine but this is nice. The Q is nice once again but Q is one of his strongest abilities. Why buff it more? {{champion:112}} doesnt lack damage but ways to get his damage reliably. His E is delayed, his W is delayed, his R is delayed. He requires team mates to use their more reliable CC to get your damage in and when you dont have team mates with plenty of CC or tanks on your team then {{champion:112}} begins to feel lackluster to play. The recent buffs you gave him fixed nothing besides being a little more safe when you go to Q AA which you shoudlnt really be doing in a team fight. {{champion:112}} doesnt have the stats to get in close and the shield change was a nice idea but that doesnt stop you from getting jumped on by someone with more range than your Q. Positioning is key of course but then you just arent using 1 of your spells then cause you dont want to risk getting jumped on. In a team fight where the enemy team has an {{champion:268}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:254}}, or even just {{champion:254}}. Walking up to Q AA means death which forces you into the backline where only your E, W, and R will be of any real use. Although with the amount of mobility in league, hitting the follow up from either of these abilities becomes near impossible which means {{champion:112}} requires a dedicated team or a team comp that can work with him and his needs but at that point why even choose him since he doesnt really offer anything different than if you were to pick {{champion:101}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} since they can hit all their damage on their own and dont require another member. What does all this mean for things that could be changed? * Augmented Q could increase his AA range for his enhanced auto allowing him a bit more safety since he is on the shorter side of the aa ranges for mages. Doesnt really fix his problems. More luxury. * Augmented W could strip Magic resist away. ThIs falls inline with damage and the lack of Magic penetration items for late game vs tanks since MR stacking is much stronger than Armor stacking. More of a luxury buff if anything and doesnt fix his problems. * Allowing us to upgrade our {{item:3198}} once more to fuse with it allowing us an extra slot * A big change, more rework-ish would be to have his enhanced AA from Q or Q itself grant a stack similar to {{champion:42}} or {{champion:1}} where he can store the siphoned power of champions and each ability will use that **siphoned energy** to further augment his abilities. * **Passive** after upgrading {{item:3198}} Siphoned power gains the effect to further augment his abilities at the cost of **siphoned energy** * **Siphoned energy Q **would increase the range of his Q and the enhanced AA. * **Siphoned energy W** would stun after the first stack instead of slow. * **Siphoned energy E** would have its ratios switched, giving the initial laser the ratio of the aftershock and vice versa. The aftershock would also be the same speed as** pre-rework laser. * **Siphoned energy R** would tick faster and move faster towards if the target it is locked on too is hit by one of {{champion:112}} 's spells. These are extreme but I understand and I am just offering ideas for that can be toned down to better solve his problems.
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