Yasuo Nerf with Infinity Edge

Hey! This is just a simple-minded discussion on the thoughts for IE being True Damage and as a Yasuo main, I don't know how to think of this. He gets 120% crit chance but Yasuo is known to being a bursty champion. With old IE being Damage and then 50% increased crit damage, that gives Yasuo the burst he needs given that he is highly squishy and prolonged engagements are often not a great place for Yasuo to be in. He's meant to get in quick and get out or in teamfights to dash around and do high DPS to people in order to chunk healthbars. I feel like the IE change is good for ADC's as it balances not getting three shot from an adc at long range but if Yasuo commits, he HAS to three shot or not even in order to stay alive, even with a Bloodthirster. I've been playing a lot of PBE lately and my Yasuo just seems to underpowered and I pop like a zit on a highschool freshmen's cheek without doing much damage beforehand. What are your thoughts? I feel like it might make him a better top laner to deal with more tanky tops but I feel like the traditional Yasuo is getting nerfed, especially since his passive makes his crits do 10% less damage and Infinity Edge was the way to counter that. Will be posting a copy pasta of this onto reddit /r/YasuoMains (Theres literally a megathread discussing it) but I wanted to bring it to the boards.
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