Frosted Ezreal should get new(or at least recolored) VFX.

Hi, well, looking at Ezreal's rework, it was very disappointing for me that the Frosted Ezreal skin didn't get any new effects. I understand that Ez already has a lot of skins, and there wasn't time to make a lot of new stuff for all of them. But I really think that Frosted Ezreal in particular really, let's say, "deserves it". 1 - Unlike the other skins, "Frosted Ezreal" really implies that there's something different on his abilities. Striker Ezrea, TPA, even Nottingham can kind of mean anything, you don't read that and automatically imagines something something being different when it comes to effects. Frosted though, the very title of the skin leds people to imagine that his powers would be, well, "Frosted", frozen, ice-like. 2 – It just really, really doesn’t look good. On the other skins, the default colors are fine. Nottingham has some gold on the hair and outfit, same for Ace of Spades. Striker, Explorer and TPA still have blonde hair and their designs don’t really go against the default colors. Frosted though? The entire skin has only cold tones. Blue, white, and black. When you look at him using his skills in-game, it’s just VERY jarring how much it doesn’t go together AT ALL. 3 – People want it. If you look at the comments of the [Skin Spotlights video](, it’s pretty much all that it's said there. Also reddit posts, like [this](, [this](, and [this]( This isn’t quite a “reason it should be done”, obviously not everything people ask for is really a good idea. But, it shows that there’s a demand for it, that it would not gonna be in vain to work on it or go completely unnoticed, lots of people would greatly appreciate it. Now, I understand that making completely new ice VFX for this may not be possible(though, couldn’t there be some recycling of other ice skins? Lol…). But, at the very least, the default particles could be recolored to fit with the design of the skin more. Either blue, or silver/white. You don’t even need to change ALL abilities, the Q is already fine as it is. There has to be some time for this. Aatrox got wings a patch later. Akali got her [SilverFang recolored particles]( while she was still on PBE. At least a recolor of 3 abilities, not even all of them(the Q is considerably fine, the colors match the design well enough) on the patch after it sounds quite reasonable for me.
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