I feel robbed of 3 years because of Program LeBlanc

We've explained over on the LeBlancMains Reddit/PBE Thread/Youtube that we are extremely dissatisfied with the theme of the skin. Not any level of edits is going to change that, the Sewn Chaos line was a 'rare case' that got pulled from consumers but so should Program LeBlanc. I understand that Riot put money into making these skins a thing, but when you get such a large backlash from the people who play those champions (such in the case of Sewn Chaos), you need to do the correct thing and cater to your demographic and consumers and make something **for them**. _Not just another token robot skin that doesn't fit a 'mermaid' and 'seductress enchantress'._ I've been told that, 'trash the skin' is not helpful advice. It is definitely helpful for the dev team, because it shows them that the community is largely unhappy with what they produced. Over on the LeBlanc PBE thread, Fairy Flan is actively asking out LeBlanc community what we'd rather see instead of Program LeBlanc - we feel like our outcry for a different skin is being heard from you Fairy Flan and thank you for listening to how we feel. Where is the love for the community that contribute to the champion LeBlanc's playerbase? We've been waiting upward of 3 years for a new LeBlanc skin and offered amazing concepts all over! Riot Hylia even works for Riot now and made an amazing Mafia LeBlanc concept which is one of the most upvoted LeBlanc concepts of all time on the real LoL Forums. Why would you insist on putting something out that purposely won't sell well? Listen to the amount of negative feedback, the fact that I just got into a game as LeBlanc on live servers and people were mocking how ugly the skin you guys decided to green-light was is actually embarrassing. You need to understand, saying 'trash the skin' **is** constructive feedback! You can't tell us not to be honest with how we feel, **we're** the ones who waited and **we're** the consumers of your product. **TL;DR - We shouldn't be told as consumers we need to settle for less because 'sewn chaos was an extremely rare case', Fairy Flan seems to be sympathetic to all of us who have waited so long without a skin. Do a bit more research and see what the consensus is on the 'Program' skin line this year. Program LeBlanc has a WHOPPING -70 on the PBE article alone, growing more by the hour. The LeBlanc Reddit community is boycotting this skin and actively trying to protest to get it canceled. ** It is sad we feel like we need to go to the extreme end of the spectrum to get change because if we are passive, nobody listens to our concerns. Listen to your community. _**5000 people**_ would rather see this skin canceled for Mafia LeBlanc on League's official reddit page. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9rn7js/the_leblanc_skin_we_all_deserve_but_did_not_get/ Thank you for the effort, but in the words of the LeBlanc Reddit 'I don't think Riot understands what type of audience LB and Nami have'. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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