PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!

https://imgur.com/gKUJXMp https://imgur.com/ZiUY3fQ https://imgur.com/YzFYAT3 https://imgur.com/5AfSMzf Sarah Fortune is a living weapon of mass destruction; a legendary bounty hunter seeking revenge among a galaxy of thieves. Shot and left for dead, she now pilots the deadliest combat exo-suit in known space—and she’ll stop at nothing to bring violent justice to her would-be killers. **Bullet Time** * All-new models: Each exo-suit features unique textures and weapon models. * All-new animations: She strikes a unique Bullet Time pose per exo-suit. * All-new VFX: From black hole technology to devastating missiles, each exo-suit harnesses a unique power source. * All-new SFX: In addition to new VO lines (starring not just Gun Goddess Miss Fortune herself), each exo-suit sports different audio. **How She Works** * During the game, you’ll have four different exo-suits to choose from—Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Starswarm, and Royal Arms. Whenever you’re at your fountain, a UI will pop up, and you’ll have the option to switch exo-suits to fit whatever mood you’re in. **Her Exo-suits** * _Scarlet Fair (Base)_: Built by Miss Fortune from her father’s blueprints, this highly-modified suit can fire a rotating barrage of bullets, antimatter tank shells, missiles, and antipersonnel flak discharges. * _Zero Hour:_ A gravity-resistant exo-suit and so-called ‘black hole gun.’ Fires spheres of super-condensed dark matter. * _Royal Arms_: Capable of wiping out an entire fleet with its rapid-fire antimatter warheads, only a few of these suits were ever produced due to their immense destructive power. * _Starswarm_: A banned exo-suit that utilizes creatures born from exploding suns to melt Miss Fortune’s enemies. **The Details: _(subject to change)_** * **Base Gun Goddess Miss Fortune:** 2775 RP, includes: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Skin, Scarlet Fair Icon, Zero Hour Icon, Royal Arms Icon, and Starswarm Icon. * **Premium Bundle:** 3500 RP, includes all of the above plus the Exo-Ward skin and Gun Goddess Icon with tied limited edition Loading Screen Border. We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! All bug reports and thoughts help us make these skins even more awesome, so please keep 'em coming! Thanks, cuties! <3
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