Going back to some old stuff...

Welcome everyone, here I'll be talking about something really questionable that has ultimately made a lot of squabble over the time. It is a part of patch 9.3, Here we go! 
Before i start, I'd like to show a little appreciation. I love the alterations the developers chose because playing the role of a marksmen in the past have got rid of high risk- high payoff. With a lot of bad influence, the Crit nerf was made and got rid of a lot of League's Marksmen playerbase. But those who loved the role, didn't let that stop them. It has finally trickled down to the point of where they scrubbed the changes, and reverted back to the Critical damage itemization. It is almost like they tried to place a cultural shock on them and failed due to the player base proving everyone wrong. I, for one am glad that these choices of old are back, though- they still need to alter infinity edge so these "bad people" have no choice but to seal their lips.. Once and or if this goes live, everyone that was once angry about the crit marksman doing +225% crit damage ("too much damage") are going to come back at full throttle. 

Now with that being said, I do agree that critical damage is a big pay off. Though it shouldn't grant anyone a 2.25 damage multiplier for each auto attack. A simple alteration can be made at hand. A simple 1.75 damage multiplier could work just as well. Although it is a simple change, having this could benefit both worlds. Let's also not forget that each crit item is now only 25% a piece. To prove a point, lets ignore storm razor and attack speed and do some math. For summoner's rift, there are 6 items that grant critical chance. 2 do damage and 4 that grant attack speed. To get 100% crit chance, you need 4 items in total. Let's use Caitlyn as an example. At level 1 she has 58AD and grows 2.88AD per level. Almost every crit marksman will start with a Doran's Blade. So +8 instantly or 66 AD at level 1. Her build will generally consist of 2 damage items and 2 attack speed Items. At level 13- which is when most team fights start to shove you out of lane, Caitlyn will grow to only 90 damage when leveling up. She will also have her first full damage item, boots, and half way on her speed item. That would mean She would have +75(Infinity) or +60(Reaver) that have a 200g difference between each other and a zeal+ dagger or brawler's glove depending on how well she did 13 minutes within the game. In general she would do about 150+ damage per auto attack with a 50% crit rate chance. This is usually the point of the game where everyone complains about nothing. but once havoc breaks loose- the marksmen who is usually meant to get as much gold as possible to turn the tide- goes on some type of gold rampage. That is simply because of tower and teamfight gold. Them getting ahead rests on the assassin to stop them from earning team fight gold - as where your team makes sure you all do. 

With all that being said, it purely comes down to the point of no return. Can you shut them down? Of course. Armor, burst damage, crowd control, team swarm- you name it. This is why bottom lane is constantly the first tower focused upon to take down. No one wants their enemy's team carry to get ahead and quite frankly, if your sole purpose is to do damage and you can't do something as simple as that- then that's game. Anyhow, that's my opinion on the matter. What are yours? care to share? Leave a comment below and I'll enjoy reading whatever you have to say.

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