Buffing Viktor in the healthiest way possible.

_**Background and thoughts on Viktor right now**_ I've been a Viktor main since s5 last season I peaked at plat 2. I feel like the buffs rn to his E and Ult cd as well as his q are great, but tbh the issue seems to be more so with the fact that his kit doesn't flow together enough. Viktor's E and Q are great abilities alone and they work great as a combo, his Ult and W however don't work together fluently at all. Obviously in team fights it is a strong combo if the enemy gets caught, I feel like there isn't enough nuance to his W since it's only use in lane is to zone, with both Syndra and Orianna the stuns they have can both be used to punish positioning harshly, it was said that his playstyle should reflect his character as a precise and calculated genius. _**The massive issue Viktor has now compared to other mid laners**_ In lane Orianna and Syndra can both use there Ults when the opposing mid laner is at lethal health however they can only do this if they punish the other mid laners positioning. If Viktor is supposed to be a champ that takes thought to play well then why is it that unlike the other two control mages (as well as most other mid laners) that he doesn't have any reliable source of CC? If I were to play Orianna or Syndra vs Viktor in the mid lane and get the opponent to around 20%-40% health by poking carefully and outpositioning the enemy. As both Syndra and Orianna they have the ability to force the back of the enemy because they risk being killed, now in the same situation this is where I feel Viktor is weakest the most; Viktor's punish in the situation boils down to poke and if you're lucky hitting the first part of the ult but by the time you do any of this the enemy has likely already flashed and Viktor's abilities are on CD so flashing after them achieves nothing, and the only part that Viktor's Gravity Field played in this scenario was closing the gap a little bit with the slow, this doesn't achieve anything however because as previously mentioned his abilities are more than likely on CD. Mind you however in the same exact scenario with the same exact positioning as {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:45}} all of some sort of reliable CC to secure that kill. _**The change to fix this massive issue.**_ I think when his Ult is directly put on a target and you W afterwards it should stun that target instantly but only for a second or less_ (to balance this possibly make the Gravity Field slow significantly reduced on the target after they are stunned)._ This would help with his unreliable CC issue and would also help with his ability to deal with ganks better whilst not making him unkillable. This change also means that he would be much more consistent in the future relieving you guys at riot of the job of trying to change his numbers a bunch of times, it's simple and only gives Viktor enough to punish **ONE** target but only if he is in range to cast the ultimate directly onto someone which already really small anyways. I really pray that the PBE team at least considers this as it seems like the most clean cut solution IMO.
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