AR Poroking ruins the fun

Legend of the Poro King was fun in that you could pick your champion freely and play on the Howling Abyss map. With it now random, Im basically playing ARAM but I dont get to have a useful summoner spell (Flash), and Im required to take a snowball summoner that will rarely work with my champion anyways and doesn't use it very well... Why do I wanna take snowball on jinx when all I have is a BF sword? I get that the purpose for the snowball is to get the Poro King but can't I have the leisure of choosing which champion I'm going to go in with? Why do I have any incentive to play this gamemode from this standpoint, aside from the fact that you'll just hold me hostage by making me require to play it via missions that give me event tokens? It was bad enough you would lose ARAMs solely based on team composition sometimes, but now that will be prevalent in this gamemode as well. I'd rather play aram and choose my Summoner spells at the least. That way I can effectively play my champion. Please rethink Random Champions in Legend of the Poro King.
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