I want to gather bugs in this page with you. You say other bugs and/or problems, i will add them to the list. (THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATIONS) **P.x. :** Means Problem and its number. **S.x. :** Means possible Solution and its number. **SUGGESTION.x.** : Means Suggestion about that title and its number. **GENERAL INGAME PROBLEMS, BUGS AND SUGGESTIONS:** A._**INGAME GENERAL**_ **P.1.** : Game contains extreme RNG. This has to be fixed. Atleast item drop should be equal in terms of value. And/or we should buy items ourselves. **S.1.** : Mentioned above. **P.2.** : Snowballing is an issue like every other Riot game. **S.2.** : I am open for suggestions for this problem. **SUGGESTION.1.** : Game needs ingame Guidebook. (itemization, races and their effects, classes and their effects, champions and their abilities, combos etc.) **SUGGESTION.2.** : Game needs ingame DPS meter and statics section. (how much damage did my garen take? How much percent of that damage was AP? Is Vayne's true damage worth it? etc.) **SUGGESTION.3.** : If this is a tactical game -assuming by the name- We should see our opponent's array just before matching with him/her. (You can manually see using map but you do not even sure who is next because stage meter at the top is not that usefull when so many player chosed same legend(s). B._**SHARED DRAFT**_ **P.1.** : It is not so clear that which legend is ours because of health bar colors. **S.1. ** : Only our legend's health bar is green and other's are red. **P.2.** : Locked screen for shared draft makes summoner name nonvisible causing misunderstanding. **S.1. ** : Locked screen should properly fit arena to player's screen. **P.3.** : The barrier that needs to stop you from picking a champion; if you want to exit before your time, teleports you to the middle of your cell causing time waste. **S.3.** : It should be just like Summoners Rift 15sec barrier. Should block you from passing it instead of teleporting you to the middle of your cell. **P.4.** : Picking/dragging a champion with only moving through them is not so useful option sometimes. (Lag, getting blocked by others, champions circle movement etc.) **S.4.** : Picking/dragging a champion can be made by right clicking desired champion. (When right clicking, the champions need to be inked well for clearance) **SUGGESTION.1.** : We should be able to see champion's stats and item informations when hovering curser over them. C._**COMBAT**_ **P.1.** : As [Mayupyon]( mentioned before [here]( Tristana's bombs causes you to take double damage at the end of the round. **P.2.** : As [Mayupyon]( mentioned before [here]( sometimes your itemized champion loses its item after combining with another. **P.3.** : Kindred's ultimate sometimes won't work. [Example]( **P.4.** : AI is weak and again, so RNG. (Examples: Tristana uses bomb to a champion and auto attacks some other champion, Lucian sometimes kites into enemies etc.) **P.5.** : Lulu never ults. IF I CAN PASS THIS QUEUE I WILL FURTHER WRITE HERE!
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