One for All is coming to PBE

After a long hiatus, we're excited to bring ***One For All*** back to Summoner's Rift! _________ Ever wondered how fast 5 fully-geared Sivirs can run? Or what happens when a Tahm Kench eats a Tahm Kench who's eaten a Tahm Kench? Now's your chance to hop on PBE and find out. **What's One For All?** * 5v5 Battle on Summoner's Rift * All 5 players on each team play the same champion * Vote for your champion in Champ Select (Now with 5 bans!) **What's new?** * Summoner's Rift has been sped up for One For All. You'll start at level 3, gain experience and gold faster, and more! * Shields and *most* buffs now stack. The main exception is slows, which "stack", but only apply the single strongest value. * Four votes are required to lock in a champion, instead of three. **Champions that haven't seen the light of OFA before:** * Camille * Xayah * Rakan * Kayn * Ornn * Zoe * Kaisa **Champions that have been reworked since last time:** * Warwick * Galio * Urgot * Xin Zhao * Evelynn * Swain **Disabled champions:** * Teemo * Karthus _____ **Wait, did you say that games are going to be faster?** I did! We're trying to let people cut right to the fun of One for All, do the Wombo Combo™ a couple of times, and then have the game end. During playtests, we found that the midgame was, by far, the most fun part of a game of OFA. Thus, most of the changes we made in this vein are intended to accelerate both teams into the midgame quickly, blend into the late-game for a while, and then tip decisively in the winning team's favor. As an extra benefit, being out-voted into a champion you don't like or accidentally winding up in a really bad matchup isn't a big deal -- you can move onto the next game pretty quickly. Overall, we're shooting for a game length of 20-25 minutes. If you have a game that's significantly longer than that, we want to know about it! Thanks for reading, and as ever, let us know what you think!
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