Information Processing at a Glance and the Problems of the New HUD

So far, I'm not fond of the new UI. By reducing what used to be essentially five areas to gather information at a glance into two areas from which to gather information that needs to be sorted through, I find the whole thing difficult to process. It is a less useful way of providing information, not more useful. What we had essentially before was five areas: a scoreboard, team info, stats, player info, and a minimap. What seems to have been done is to squeeze all of this info into two areas: player info and every other thing in the game, all of which has been grouped around the most important thing in the game for gathering important tactical and strategic info: the minimap. The philosophy here seems to be one stop shopping for the eye, a place to gather all info at a glance. However, what we have is one very cluttered up area for the mind to sort and process micro-information in a tiny area. I prefer having to glance around the screen to areas that basically organize all similar relevant info into several areas. It saves my mind from having to process which information I'm looking to gather at the moment by grouping these broader categories for me. As it is, I'm spending all my time thinking about where the info I need is grouped around that one area for far too long and it ends up distracting me from the game itself. The right hand corner has always been the most important part of the game after what is going on directly around you (the center). Now all info is cluttered around that important tiny area. I'm looking at it more than my character. The UI currently on live saves the brain some processing power by creating an organizational crutch, categorizing different areas of information in different visual spaces. The new UI makes me have to work harder to get the information I need. Ironically, by "simplifying" things visually, the result is a more cluttered way of processing information. I would like to once again see something like that kind of categorization: the scoreboard at a glance, look up. The minimap at a glance, look right. My team info at a glance, look left. My player info at a glance, look down. My stat info at a glance, look at the left hand corner. What I am doing now is mostly looking at the right hand corner of the screen and trying to sort through categories of information at a glance that are represented as tiny, tiny pieces of information among a whole info dump of tiny, tiny pieces of information. I'm not saying that the UI necessarily has to remain the same, but you need to realize that having separate, discrete areas to gather information is useful for processing information quickly. Libraries place books in a variety of sections for a reason, not all fiction, non-fiction, children's books, etc. into all areas at once. It makes sorting information faster to find things of a like kind grouped discretely in space together then to cram it all into one area. Also, I liked the ping buttons. I use the ping buttons. Where are the ping buttons?
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