Infernal Varus - Feedback (+Improvement Suggestions)

[]( ##RECALL * Recall Feedback: Overall good, but the visual upon spawning in base could use some work. * Improvement Suggestion #1 - Make it so that when he spawns in base, he comes out of the same hole that he goes in when he recalls.[][] >*** ##NECKLACE * Necklace Feedback: It's not there. * Improvement Suggestion #1 - There is an idle animation where Varus holds his Necklace, and right in he's holding an invisible force in this skin due to the necklace being removed. Have like a small burning comet take its place, doesn't have to be anything incredible so something simple as this can suffice.[] >*** ##BLIGHT STACKS (W PASSIVE ABILITY) * Blight Stacks Feedback: Needs to be redone, the stack visuals are overlapping too much from his other Skin Visuals such as the Conqueror Varus who has the exact same shape of the Blight Stacks but with more color, making this the same exact visual but just less saturated with a bit more fire on top of it. * Improvement Suggestion #1 - Remake the visual to be a small comet roaming around the enemy, that is on fire. And if you really want to get fancy you could even make it so that the fire on each Comet is intensified based on how many stacks there are applied (1 Stack being Normal Fire and 3 Stacks being Severe Fire), this would also be a nice Clarity change for both Enemies and the Varus Player.[][] I even drew my own idea for what it could look like, potentially with the whole Comet on Fire idea or even one that I developed during the drawing process where the comet is shattered and it's still in a flame form... A)[] B)[][] >*** ##HAIL OF ARROWS (E ABILITY) * Hail of Arrows Feedback: It's just basically a simplified Infernal Nasus E (something a lot of people in the YouTube Comments have pointed out in the Skin Spotlight Video). * Improvement Suggestion #2 - It could be just a simple Lava Ground...[][][]
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