Support Items Need To Be Reverted?

So with the implementation of the reworked support items, things have shifted to ward heavy items. The UNIQUE-ACTIVES of old support items were great for different champs like Talisman and I believe that the new rework items are great but shouldn't have been that heavy of an item change. They could of added all new items to go for supports as their main items are only 1 item builds for most supports. If they had all new items with the vision part attached it would help out many supports by not only building 1-2 support items and getting regular items based on their type like randuins for tanky supports or ap items for janna/lulu/etc... If we shifted items around so supports could have their own set of items more than now. They could change the game entirely and make supporting more of an interesting role to play. But these are only my thoughts and banter. Tell me what you think below!!!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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