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Well, I was reading about the TFT instructions of my server (BR) just for curiosity, and I got surprised in a picture with a kind of a red warwick. Then I thought wow, why not to have champion skins in TFT? For the start, idk about all the other players, but in my case, I have to say I'm not anymore a frequent player of League, although it played a good role in my history since a child, that's why I love this game. Some weeks ago I discovered the Auto Chess, and I got wondered with this type of gameplay, and when I read League would have one, my heart just got pumping so hard because I couldn't believe in it. Sorry for this story paragraph, but back into the point, many of us have hundreds of skins, and we can't even use them all, so if we could select in a menu, to change the skins of our champions in TFT from the default to one that we have already purchased, it would be amazing! In my opinion, it would be pretty rewarding being able to see that all the money I've spent in League in this other way and I guess that for you would also be. Thx for the attention and have a nice day (or night :P) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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