so i have noticed that the amount of players on the PBE is usually quite low, with the exception of new champions or skin additions. i feel that this is likely because other than having the option to help riot and to play these new champs or updates before others, we really have nothing to gain. Sure the reward of knowing whats coming is nice, but is that really an incentive to play in buggy games, with buggy champs and map reformations? What I'm proposing is a link of accounts, such that players on the PBE earn IP rewards for their accounts on other servers. obviously this could be reduced amounts of IP, but i would at least still get something for ultimately helping riot out. its definitely just a thought and would love some feedback. hopefully you don't all just shoot me down but instead we could work to find a feasible solution for riot to put in place.{{summoner:30}} {{item:3301}}
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