Gameplay, Visual, Bugs and other stuff about Pyke <3

Hi everyone!! As every time a new champion or rework is released, I would like to share my opinion about him. **GAMEPLAY: ** In this case, I can&#039;t say any more than I LOVE IT!! His kit feels amazing, maybe it has no new mechanics, but it doesn&#039;t need them, This combination of spells are really fun to play. I am not an expert so I won't talk about numbers and balance. ^^ **VISUAL: ** Hehe, here it is the issue. When Riot published the teaser I got really hyped. I though he would be a captain with no legs (Nocturne style) because they were bitten by a leviathan, or maybe he would be some creepy zombie. Then ,when I saw the real model in game in the reveal web, I was quite disappointed (especially due to the mask). And now, after playing him in PBE I can say I am again in love with Pyke. However, there are some stuff that I would change (and I saw them in other post, so it isn&#039;t only me). I will talk about them in priority orden: * MASK: Pls, I think I don&#039;t need to say more. His model in game has a mature and dark theme, and then the mask seem a costume, like a crazy boy with a toy in his face. I think is essencial to redraw the jaws, or even remove it (the draw, or the mask, but dont keep the current mask). Here I put a comparison of the actual mask (left) and a part of a fanart made by @wandakunpls (twitter) (right) where I think the mask is really better build. * SKIN COLOUR: If he is suposed to be dead and drowned, why he has a vivider skin colour than Ekko. I would make it more blue and unequal (some parts more blue, other more brown, other brighter, like a mix between a corpse and the deeps, and make the scars more red like a shark's gills). Here I did a recoloured version (right) with (I am sure all of you can do it better), compared with the actual colour (left) * AQUATIC PHANTOM PARTICLES: Even changing the colour skin, he would look like a simple zombie, so I would add some particles like underwater to make him more phantom and aquatic, and not a normal man (you made the same with Kindred adding blue particles to becoma a lamb in a phantom lamb). * Q PARTICLES: It feels strange, especially in the hook mode. * ABILITIES ICONS: I think his Q and R icons are too simple, I would add some detailes or shadows and contrasts. Besides, the E icon looks weird due to the fact an abilitie&#039;s icon is really small, so the ghost&#039;s posture isn&#039;t recognizable (the sword seem his foot in a Lee Sin kick or something). In this case I would simplify the posture, maybe with a X shape, or just running. **BUGS:** * Q sometimes don&#039;t apply the hook in spite of holding Q, or mix effects, or just slow. It is a random effect. * The passive sometimes is activated while you are killing minions with no enemy champions near (but if there are minions they must have vision of you) **A LAST QUESTION:** Why I feel that the pre-concept is always a better and cooler version of the final champion? I really love the Pyke you gave us, but this concept is just AMAZING. -------------------------------------------------------- And that is all. If you often read this forum, you will know I always comment more the visual aspect, and sorry if I am geting annoying, but I would like to help in what I think I can. Thanks for reading. I would love some rioter read this, so pls, if you are, comment... and if you aren&#039;t a rioter, do it too!! I&#039;d love knowing your opinions. See you!! &lt;3

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