Fiora Change Feedback

The changes feel really good. Feels like the kit was designed to be able to do this from the start. Feels very natural. The extra split push power is so welcome. I think this kind of change is exactly what Fiora has been needing for a long time. Extra split pushing power to put her on par with some of the other split push champions that fill the same role as she does. Fioras split push/tower taking speed is pretty slow compared to champions like Jax or Trynd. So buffing that without increasing her already strong 1v1 ability seems like a very precise and well aimed buff. So the Q and E hitting towers now is really good it seems. Some things that I have noticed though. I cannot proc plants at the moment. Not sure if that is a bug or not or if the plants being procced by Q was reverted. Also I am currently able to hit stealthed wards with Q. I feel like that is a bit excessive and probably should not be allowed. I think this may be an unintended interaction because her Q on other targets is coded to hit stealthed targets. I would suggest changing this so that she is not able to hit stealthed wards. Or just change it so that she cannot hit wards at all with Q again. Lastly this MIGHT put too much power back into Fiora at least for soloQ. Hard to say because on the PBE every game is a total stomp. But if it does put too much power back into her I would highly suggest reverting some of the other buffs she has gotten this season before reverting these changes. I think these newest changes buff her where she needed buffs the most. But overall this is really neat so I hope it can make it to live and works out! {{sticker:fiora-cool}}

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