***Skin Sets***

I personally really like skin sets and their lores - which is kind of a mess right now but seeing that Riot is working to find place for the old skins I wanted to write a few that I think should be grouped. Also there is a chance that I accidentally wrote skins that are already a set as they keep adding new ones and i might have not seen it. Please do not hesitate to write your own ideas if you have any and/or the ones you think are wrong and do not agree. Also don't forget that some of these are already a skin line but are not grouped together as a set in skins tab - so I wrote them anyway. And please excuse my language as English is not my mother tongue. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} *** **STEEL VALKYRIES** 1. Aether Wing Kayle (since {{champion:10}} is getting a rework i think it is a great chance to make this skin a part of this set and i think it fits really well) **ELDERWOOD** 1. Blackthorn Morgana (Elderwood is a beautiful skin line but we only have 3 skins of it. Since {{champion:25}} is also getting a rework with {{champion:10}} and this skin already looks like a Elderwood skin i think they could change its name like they have done before with Crimosn Akali and such) **BLADECRAFT (?)** 1. Blade Craft Orianna 2. Blade Queen Lissandra 3. Blade Mistress Morgana **I DON'T EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR THIS ONE BUT I BELIEVE THEY FIT TOGETHER** 1. Shadowfire Kindred 2. Spirirt Fire Brand **THE "YOU NOW THIS IS AN UNOFFICAL SKIN LINE" SET** 1. Meowkai 2. Beemo 3. Birdio (this might not fit here, it actually makes sense to put this in Cullinary Masters but still) 4. Moo Cow Alistar (its right now in the Toy Box set but it just doesn't fit there) 5. Kitty Cat Katarina (YES I KNOW! But look at its name! And she wears a costume as well... yeah... or not) **POOL PARTY** 1. Scuba Gragas (i think it should be added like they added Surfer Singed) **GOTHIC (?)** 1. Goth Annie 2. Gothic Orianna 3. Emumu **GEMS (?)** 1. Emerald Taric 2. Amethyst Ashe **SUPER (?)** 1. Super Teemo 2. Super Kennen **SOUL STEALER (?)** 1. Soul Reaver Draven 2. Soulhunter Kayn 3. Soul Stealer Vladimir 4. Soul Stealer Vayne **DEEP SEA** 1. Deep Sea Kog'Maw 2. Deep Sea Nami 3. Deep Terror Thresh **I REALLY DON'T KNOW BUT THEY LOOK ALIKE** 1. Royal Guard Fiora 2. Musketeer Twisted Fate **CRYSTAL (?)** 1. Blight Crystal Varus 2. Dark Crystal Ryze **ROBOT FIGHT (?)** (I think this should be a skin line. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!) 1. Nunu & Willump Bot 2. Sad Robot Amumu (his owner left him after he lost a battle. That's why he is sad {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} ) 3. Boom Boom Blitzcrank (maybe?) **E.T. (?)** 1. Alien Invader Heimerdinger 2. Ufo Corki **PROM (?)** 1. Prom Queen Annie 2. Almost-Prom King Amumu **DEFINITELY NOT** 1. Definetily Not Blitzcrank 2. Definetily Not Udyr 3. Definetily Not Vel'Koz **VOID** 1. Void Fizz 2. Void Bringer Illaoi 3. Void Nocturne (didn't even know this existed) **BLOODSTONE** 1. Bloodstone Taric 2. Bloodstone Lissandra **ATLANTEAN** 1. Atlantean Fizz 2. Atlantean Syndra **HIRED GUN** 1. Hired Gun Graves 2. Hired Gun Lucian **WICKED** 1. Wicked Lulu 2. Wicked LeBlanc **COMANDO** 1. Comando Lux 2. Comando Garen 3. Comando Jarvan IV 4. Comando Galio 5. Comando Xin Zhao **CRIMSON ELITE** 1. Crimson Elite Talon 2. Crimson Elite Riven **DOCTORS (?)** 1. Kennen M.D. 2. Nurse Akali 3. Surgeon Shen **STEEL LEGION** 1. Steel Legion Lux 2. Steel Legion Garen **MAD SCIENTISTS** 1. Mad Scientist Ziggs 2. Mad Scientist Singed 3. Blast Zone Heimerdinger (y not?) 4. Time Machine Zilean (maybe?) **TANGO** 1. Tango Evelynn 2. Tango Twisted Fate **Gentlemen** 1. Gentleman Cho'Gath 2. Gentleman Gnar **GALACTIC** (wish they could just rework these into Cosmic {{item:3070}} ) 1. Galactic Nasus 2. Galactic Renekton 3. Galactic Azir **HAUNTED** 1. Haunted Zyra 2. Haunted Maokai **TRADITIONAL** 1. Traditional Sejuani 2. Traditional Trundle 3. Traditional Lee Sin 4. Traditional Karma **FULL METAL** 1. Full Metal Jayce 2. Full Metal Rammus 3. Full Metal Pantheon 4. Full Machine Viktor **SANDSTORM** 1. Sandstorm Katarina 2. Sandstorm Ekko **UNDERWORLD** 1. Underworld Twisted Fate 2. Underworld Wukong *** I am %100 sure that these are not all of them but I could only find this much. Like I said above, I really like skin lores and would love to see more of them. And also it took me a while to find and write them all so I hope that someone from Riot sees this and adds at least some of them. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Again, really sorry for my bad grammer. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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