Diana rework opinion and suggestions

Hey guys, I've played a few matches with the reworked Diana, and I wanted to share my opinion and also some bugs/features/interesting stuff that I've found. First of all, I played my games using a more bruiser like build with conqueror and protobelt rush into Nashor's tooth on the top lane. (full build is Nashor's, Protobelt, Zhonya's, Armor/magic resist boots, Abyssal mask (I like the passive sustain and I hate building early Rod of ages), Liandry's (sometimes Deathcap/Morello/Banshee depending on the enemy team) My thoughts: - Passive attack speed is really useful for trading with conqueror because you can stack it up very fast (q->e->w->2 autos with the attack speed boost), and also you can destroy towers in second which is crazy good. - the swap really helps her early game. The jump on the E ability is especially good against ranged carry champions on top like Ryze and Vladimir because with the reset mechanic you can stick to them even after they used their main escape move (W on both champs) this combined with the constant attack speed steroid means that you can win long trades against these champions easily. - because of the low base stats and the long cooldown on W, she is much worse against other bruisers and juggernauts, but she can still win trades with her W if played correctly. - I think her burst potential is still too high. I know that a lot of people wants to play her as an assassin but I think that the bruiser build would be more healthy for the game (I don't like killing champion in 0.002 seconds nor do I like if it happens to me), she has no escape move so it kinda sucks to use her as an assassin (which makes her a feast or famine type champion) and I also prefer to play the bruiser playstyle. Therefore I think that It would nice if the ap ratios on her abilities had been lowered by a few percentages and the base damage on some abilities (including passive), the base armor, health per level and health ratio on W had been increased in exchange. My problem with the numbers now is that when Diana builds full ap she gets a bigger shield and she gets more damage on hit from her passive, which spells should be more effective on the bruiser build since we are talking about a survival tool and consistent damage. Currently its 30%ap 10% bonus health, this means that with 670 ap and 0 bonus health (full ap build) she gets 90+201+0 = 291x2=582 shield whereas with 308ap and 950 bonus hp (bruiser build) she gets 90+92+95= 277x2=554. These numbers don't take into consideration that bruiser Diana has access to conqueror (with fully stacked conqueror the shield amount matches the full ap build's shield) nor that full ap Diana has spellbinder. This problem can be solved by changing the 30% ap 10% bonus hp to something like 20% ap 15% bonus health. Then the numbers are 90+135+0 = 225x2 = 450 and 90+62+143 = 295x2 = 590 which is a 40 bonus shield buff for bruiser and -130 nerf for full ap. As for the passive increasing the base value and decreasing the ap scaling on the 3 attack proc might be dangerous (we don't want full tank Diana with good base damage 3rd auto I guess) so maybe it should scale from bonus attack speed? 40% ap scaling on this spell means 250+270 damage for ap and 250+123 damage for bruiser. If it was simply changed to bonus attack speed instead of ap than full ap Diana would gain 250+81 or with the passive x3 steroid 250+161 damage whereas bruiser would gain 250+131 or 250+211 damage. (6 attack speed item would give 250+414 or 250+494 damage) This change would not only make bruiser Diana stronger where she supposed to be stronger than full ap but it might also allow her to build Nashor's tooth first item. (sanguine blade + nashors gives 250+211 or 250+290 damage) Also if full ap Diana builds a Nashor's tooth instead of a lich bane or a good ap item like void staff than be my guest you gained 70 damage and attack speed and lost a useful passive for your burst. I don't know whether these are good ideas or not. Gaining some base stats, better scaling from Nashor's and better survivability if built as a bruiser in exchange for burst potential but I guess this forum is for discussion and sharing opinions. I am sorry for my grammar, it's a loooooong text so it might contain some mistakes here and there, but I hope you will be able to understand everything anyway. Bugs/interactions - W: doesn't mention the cooldown reduction when you see what you get for leveling up in-game, only the damage, shield amount and mana cost. - R: the same text is totally broken. it sais @listLevelUpType@ and @listLevelUpValue@ instead of damage and the value -E tooltip doesn't mention that it consumes the Moonlight stack(s) - if two enemies are close enough and you use your E while your Q is traveling you get the reset if the Q hits the target (which is intended as far as I know), but the second enemy who wasn't targeted by the E keeps the Moonlight stack (maybe this is an intended feature, because you hit the primary target with your e before the q hits the secondary, anyway it's quite cool if you can gain an advantage with this) - W interaction with shield bash is weird, if you use the W, hit the enemy with an auto you gain the shield again from the exploding orbs and hit the enemy again, you only proc shield bash once, BUT if you lose the original shield before you get the "second" shield you will proc it twice. Based on the text of the ability it should only happen once because you only increase your shield, you don't gain a new one.
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