My Thoughts on Snow Day Urf

Rito, Riot, I like you and I like the Idea, But I feel this is a seriously restricted Urf. It's not really that fun. I mean, Yea, It's fun as Urf, But - ArUrf really kills it for people who want to pick their champs, Some people like the ARAM aspect, but URF was never Aram in the first place. - The Limited Pool Feels like constricted ArUrf. I would like to try out URF Zoe Y'know? - If this goes Live, I'm only going to play as many rounds as the missions force me to. I would much rather have URF with free Snow day skins for a limited time. Or just Regular Urf. I like the option to pick what I want, It'd be fine if it was ARAMURF
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