TFT - Yasuo, whats up with his ulti?

Whats up with the Yasuo ulti? It doesnt do any real damage for an ulti. Items like Giant Slayer or Bloodthirster seem to work only with his basic attacks and not with his ulti, although his ulti should apply on hit effects. So which items and their on hit effects do work with the Yasuo ulti? A lot of items give on hit effects with the basic attacks. So I am not sure if Yasuos ulti should or should not apply those. From what I can see they do not work with his ulti. For example: Having a Giant Slayer on Yasuo I would expect his ulti to do A LOT of damage, but it does not. For example: Having a Bloodthirster on Yasuo I would ecpect to see in increase in his healthbar during his ulti, but it does not. Any suggestions what items would work in combination with his ulti?

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