Holy shit for the love of god... BRING BACK TRACKER'S KNIFE!!!

what is it with this "War on vision". yeah maybe in pro play where every player properly places their wards and buys control words they can live with this. change down in low elo.. and for 95% of your players, this is horrendous i am practically the ONLY person on my team that wards. i get supports who don't even upgrade their support item into the t2 version even after its at 500 stacks i am also nearly the only person who REMOVES vision.. so your whole pbe thing with it giving a makes me need have to drop in order to keep which isn't even as good as . and yeah i can technically move my pink ward every damn time i want to sweep a bush, but i put in in key areas i want to make sure i know they don't have vision of, or that i want permanently warded and i don't want to keep going back there just to refresh the ward PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE TRACKERS KNIFE. damage creep is already absurd that champs do nearly 2-3 times as much damage ad they did in season 3-4. we cant be freaking walking around blind face-checking bushes!!! we cant BUY wards... we cant BUY a sightstone.. and we can only get ONE i CAN NOT rely on my teammates to properly ward.. THEY WONT DO IT!!! DO NOT REMOVE TRACKERS KNIFE!!!
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