Aatrox feedback

First: this is my opinion about the new aatrox He's week right now because have skills with very high cooldowns Passive have 25 seconds(when riven need use one single skill), with full refund(with skills), it have 7 seconds(not counting cast time) The Darkin Blade (Q): 16/15/14/13/12 sec Cooldown your main skill have 16 seconds at lv 1 and 12 seconds at lv 5(7.2 with 40% cdr) E tooltip: i cant see the cooldown per charge, only when i can use another dash... AND THIS COOLDOWN IS REALLY HIGH overall this champ have damage, but u need hit or u will not have damage(use your skills wisely) suggestion: passive: scaling cooldown with levels or CDR or make this passive more powerfull: AOE DAMAGE(hit all enemy ahead in line) Q: decrease the cooldown and the time between Q1, Q2 and Q3 E: decrease this cooldown, is really high or Active passive in a champ refund 1 charge

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