Some more Feedback about the new Draft Pick mode

Hello, since experiencing people leave the queue (or getting dc'ed - who knows) ist not that great, i took some time to think about the new queue system. First let me say i am pretty impressed of all the work you put into it. Giving the 3 bans to other team members than the 1st pick is a nice thing to do. In my opinion, we'd need at least 4 bans, but okay. The graphics are awesome and pretty, though they distract me a little to be honest. Maybe it's just "getting used to", but i feel they are a little over the top. CLARITY: There should be a incentive for the whole team to participate in the rather long process of bans+picks so they don't go afk or dodge because they get bored or lost. Make the chat more a central element, and let the announcer motivate the team to communicate and negotiate their comp. LOCK IN: The LOL Client should somehow lock people into the game when they have TABed out or use another method of reminding them to press their damn buttons in time. Wasting 9 people's time because one didn't know what to do or failing to lock properly is not amusing. CLARITY 2: There should be less size for the big circle in the middle and more concentration on the actual team comp + chat. CLARITY 3: The champ list is very small and must be scrolled fast (or you need to use the search bar to find a champ). This should be improved. Keep it up!

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