Feature in testing: New banner call outs for objective steals

Hello Friends! We have a small feature in testing on the PBE right now, where the game will attempt to recognize when a team “steals” an objective. We’re looking to find ways to recognize more high moments, and big objective steals are some of the biggest turning points that the game currently doesn’t celebrate well. We’re currently trying to watch for when both teams end up damaging an objective, and based on how that damage is split up and comes in over time, we recognize the steal and for now, give it a kill banner. If we get the procedural recognition dialed in to a spot that feels accurate, we might look to improve the callouts in game. Right now, the most important feedback would be any times that the game calls an objective take a steal, but you feel that was off. We’d also be happy to hear about any situations that you feel should have been a steal, but weren’t called out. Quick note that this is only hooked up for Dragon and Baron, it’s a known bug that Rift Herald is currently excluded. Thanks Friends!
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