Pantheon "NEWS" from an old one !

Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself first of all, I'm one of the most pantheon players in the game league of legends, any server confused, I'm not going to indicate my nickname by confidentiality, but to put it simply, all that is Report to Pantheon going through me. I would like to thank Riot for these years of playing experience with this character. Regarding the patch 9.16 long awaited by the players of Pantheon, here are the positives and the negative according to my feelings and my long experience. + Very deep, manly and modern graphics. + Mechanics of playability of the character very respectful of the previous version. + Capabilities with effects very spectacular visually. - R skill is very difficult to place properly and is too predictable for enemies. the camera is not precise and the fact of not being able to cancel it when we press the button asks us too much, before this patch we used this skill to intimidate the enemies sometimes, the fact of not being able to canceling prevents this intimidation and makes us make fatal mistakes. >>>Not enough damages when you see the dificulty to place it and the low range (before it was unlimited range and that was our strengh)<<< I do not feel that allies are warned of our arrival when we use our ability and thats real important or they dont follow it. - The A skill to the maximum of its range invites the camera to move and this create confusion on the screen, we do not see our character who may be the target of other things. - The Z skill is not powerful enough its only utility is blocking a character, it's supposed to be a powerful shot, we're a spartan not a little girl breaking a bottle on someone >>>Not enough damages when you see what it does<<< - E skill is not powerful enough all his shots sent and so little damage? its only purpose is to block the damages and abilities of the enemies. >>> Not enough damages when you see what it does<<< The passif can be use one time in a fight not more cause 5 hit to active it....its not realy usefull if it was 3 hit maybe, and even if, wee dont realy feel his effect... (too weak) >>> need a rework or 3 hits to active it not 5 Or 4<<< - we are supposed to be a robust and enduring warriors, there is not enough life points, there is not enough damage. Of course it is with a look with hindsight that I make these criticisms since I play on a European servers it is possible that my latency created all these dysfunction. Summary, graphically there is nothing to say, it's a real pleasure to see his character as charming but at the level of the game it will be very difficult to make his way to the pantheon players if you do nothing about it. Thx riot afterall for your works and GL

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