Press the Attack is now like Expose Weakness. Why though?

10/10 PBE Update
VERY WIP!] [STATUS: PBE is currently offline.] The PBE has been updated! As we start off the 7.21 PBE cycle, today's patch includes new skins for Katarina, Viktor, and Zed, as well as chroma for Battlecast Urgot, and much more! Continue reading for more information!
Just right now I read the changes to the new runes and I stumbled across this interesting but terrifying change to the Press the Attack keystone: _Now reads "attacking the same target 3 times deals X true damage and increases damage dealt from all sources by Y% for 6s"_ I'm really hoping that this is a highly experimental chage, because removing a FoB styled keystone out of the game will hurt those champs that make the most use of it (most Fighters, some Juggernauts/ADCs). And why is an Expose-Weakness-like rune a KEYSTONE? No matter how many times I read that tooltip it doesn't sound powerful enough to be an actual Keystone rune. And even further, why is it in the PRECISION path. Wasn't that path meant for champions that want to deal sustained/ a lot of damage? There is no reason for such a support-like rune to be a keystone one, especially in the path that the main damage dealers of the team take. I might've overreacted a bit by posting this, still even if it is just experimenting around, this chage is the definition of a horror-change for all Fervor of Battle users if it would make it to the live servers.
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