[Client]Along with the client updated looking, please consider these changes.

1.Allow players to change the position of a rune/mastery page in rune/mastery page management. People have been asking this for 2 years!It is annoying to make 4 AP pages, 4 AD pages, and then you figure out you need to add one more AP page, but it can only goes after those AD pages....It's even worse if you play all positions, makes it really hard to find the right page. 2.Redesign the store page to let it fit into smaller screens. I guess everyone in riot is offered a super big screen to work. But the store page really sucks on smaller screens(And I think my 1366*768 resolution is pretty standard for most players). There are TWO scrolling bars and NEITHER of them can be easily clicked. (I mean where the bars look like are not the right place where you can actually use them.) Moreover your mouse will be stuck in double arrow form if you ever try to scroll even after you close the store. It sticks with you for the whole time till you log off. Come on! You guys earn money from this! Don't make shopping the worst experience in game! 3.Pre-game ping test. When people are traveling or moving to a new plae, or simply because they have an unstable network, they always want to know the ping before they start a game.Usually people would play a bot game to figure but when the ping is really bad even bot games can be painful. Adding a green dot by the side of the play button showing the ping would be great. Minor things: 4.A minor annoying bug(not sure if it's fixed or not, haven't occurred in a while plus i've been trying to avoid it ): If you are pointing your mouse at a champion to read their skills, as someone dodges and the champion selection stops. If the champion splash and skills were still loading while the selection was dodged, it would finish loading in the home page. The champion splash art will block your screen (especially the friend list) until you start another champion selection (or re-log in). This happens a lot of slower computers because the loading time is longer. 5. In a custom game, when you are the only player in the game. The message when you click leave shouldn't be "you might be banned for leaving", since you're the only player. It should actually be "The game will end if the only player in the game leave." Just a small thing. Because some people might try to finish the game fearing that they would stuck in the reconnect page.(And I did that.. until I tried it out.)

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